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Triple D Sounds is a family run DJ service.  We are fun and interactive!  

We specialize in weddings, but can provide music, lights and dancing

for ANY occasion!  We are professional and super affordable! 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Meet Our Staff

Robert Noble


Jon Anderson


Growing up on a ranch in north-central Nebraska, I learned that any job worth doing is worth doing WELL. I will apply that same mind-set to your day to ensure things not only go smoothly,

but also to ensure that all your guests and you yourselves HAVE FUN!! I have

a VERY WIDE musical taste, so I know what songs/artists are good for a myriad of situations. I also value your input, because after all, this is YOUR event, not mine. So we can work together on music, or you can tell

me to just play "good stuff," and either way we're covered. I would LOVE to be your DJ and help you make memories, and most of all help everyone HAVE FUN! I take having fun very seriously! 

Olivia Anderson

Office & Reservations

Weddings and customer service have been a part of life since high school. 

My parents owned and operated a limousine service for 20 years so I got very good at cleaning cars. In addition, I learned the high standards my parents set for customer service. This has been my model ever since. As a teacher, I set high expectations for my students, which they met. As a waitress, I excelled because I knew how to take care of people. As a DJ and event planner, I recognize the importance of any special occasion, and enjoy going above and beyond for my clients.